Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SENYAP: SENYAP the ultimate underground movement

SENYAP: SENYAP the ultimate underground movement: "Thank you to all for joining our movement and support our sincere cause for all music and performing arts believers and creative people to s..."

SENYAP the ultimate underground movement

Thank you to all for joining our movement and support our sincere cause for all music and performing arts believers and creative people to strive and achieve the highest level of what we believe.

26th Dec WARM UP 2011 underground gig was a success. Watching new bands emerged to the scene and seasoned bands supporting our movement was awesome all in the name of 'MUSIC'. The sincerity clearly apparent on their faces who performed that night. No discrimination, No segregations among us. 'MUSIC' is 'FUN' and theres a GREAT positive energy amongst musicians who were there & supporting other musicians and appreciating each others music. Thats what lacking nowadays...Is not the honor that we are chasing nor money or fame but just merely in the name of arts and passion thats what we are for and thats what MUSIC & ARTS is all about.

Show your support by joining us for our next underground gig on the 16th January 2011. No matter what genre are you in Post Punk.Pop Rock,SKA,Grunge,Alternative, Traditional,Jazz,Hard Rock, Hip Hop,Rappers,Hardcore,Metal,Blues Rock,Country & Folk Rock and many many more we are still ONE and we are proud to be WHO WE ARE.

where artistic minds gather

SENYAP the ultimate underground movement

SENYAP the ultimate underground movement

Monday, December 20, 2010

WARM UP 2011 @ SANGRIA Kuala Lumpur - (Sunday 26th Dec 2010)

WARM UP 2011 is SENYAP first ever gig. It will feature unknown & upcoming bands around Klang Valley. This event is a preview of what SENYAP have in store for the future and our main focus is to unearth new aspiring talents. 

WARM UP 2011 objective is to cut off all the stereotypical commercial bands and artistes that is over exposed and over played in the Malaysian Music industries. The word 'INDIE' has been 'overused' by all groups so much so till it became a 'TREND' and 'FASHIONS' for them. This has caused a slump on the quality and integrity of the music itself. 

SENYAP main idea is to take inexperience performers and give them a chance to gain experience performing to a live audience. Through this kind of exposure the performers will have the chance to polish their act, gain more confidence on stage and ultimately become a true performer. All the bands that SENYAP picked for the 1st ever gig are fresh and hardworking young artistes who wants to be heard,known,respect and to be acknowledge by the mass. We are here to help them and to groom them to be known....



SENYAP....the ultimate underground movement














Thursday, October 14, 2010

SENYAP....where artistic minds gather

hey peeps!!!.....

SENYAP is the first GIGGERS hub for all creative people from all genres, not only for up and coming musicians but for all performing arts ie theater, art director,film maker,film director, actors, poet, dancers, DJ's, fine art artist, songwriter etc. We are looking for anyone who is in the creative & performing arts who wants to showcase their talent and be known. SENYAP is the ultimate underground movement will be opening its door for all talents from music to performing arts, artistic and creative fields and just about anyone who has a talent they want to showcase i.e. photographers/fine artist/graphic artist/graffiti artist/novelist and writers/musicians/instrumentalist/magicians/comedians/film makers/theater acts/dancers/disc jockey/singers/special effects make-up artist/poets/actors....the sky is the limit. This is what SENYAP is all about. Showcase your talent and be heard, be known and be acknowledged. Its not a place just for performances but SENYAP also opens its doors for workshops, seminars, classes, rehearsals, events, parties for any groups, corporate bodies or individual. SENYAP offers its space for rent per event basis. NOVEMBER 2010 please keep 'an eye out' for our official launch.. SO, WE ARE LOOKING FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED TO PERFORM AT OUR PLACE

Friday, October 8, 2010

SENYAP....where artistic minds gather

A. What We Offer.

Rental Space for:
  • Dinner Shows (Corporate/Group/Individual)
  • Birthday Parties
  • Homecoming Event
  • Poetry Event
  • Book Launch
  • Disc Jockey Showcase
  • Artist Gallery Showcase
  • Music & Performing Arts Event
  • Recitals
  • Short Film Preview
  • Theater Preview
  • Stand-up Comedian Showcase
  • Album Launching
  • Product Launching
  • Private Event/Functions
  • Artist Showcase
  • Music Seminar
  • Video Shooting
  • Music Videos
  • Workshop/Seminar
  • Underground/Indie Gig
Option 1
Catering will be provided upon request
Rental Rates - To be Confirmed

B. What We Offer.

Booking for rehearsal space
RM 50.00 - RM 100.00 per hour ( base on type of  space usage).

SENYAP In-House Gig & Showcase Event.

All gigs and showcases organized by SENYAP will be 'a paid gig'. A standard  token will be given to all selected performers.

*Note: Bottled Beers/Liquor are PROHIBITED.

SENYAP offers 'Live Recording' for all event/gig. Live Recording is charge seperately and accordingly.
Live Recording Rate to be Confirmed

Selling of Cd's/DVD's & Merchandise @ SENYAP. 

SENYAP support all performers who have their original materials in the form of Cd's/DVD's/Tees and Merchandise to be sold in SENYAP.
All sales of products and merchandise will go directly to artists.
Terms and condition apply.

SENYAP reserves the right to refuse entry to any person(s)/ event at its own discretion.

Best Rgds
where artistic minds gather