Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SENYAP the ultimate underground movement

Thank you to all for joining our movement and support our sincere cause for all music and performing arts believers and creative people to strive and achieve the highest level of what we believe.

26th Dec WARM UP 2011 underground gig was a success. Watching new bands emerged to the scene and seasoned bands supporting our movement was awesome all in the name of 'MUSIC'. The sincerity clearly apparent on their faces who performed that night. No discrimination, No segregations among us. 'MUSIC' is 'FUN' and theres a GREAT positive energy amongst musicians who were there & supporting other musicians and appreciating each others music. Thats what lacking nowadays...Is not the honor that we are chasing nor money or fame but just merely in the name of arts and passion thats what we are for and thats what MUSIC & ARTS is all about.

Show your support by joining us for our next underground gig on the 16th January 2011. No matter what genre are you in Post Punk.Pop Rock,SKA,Grunge,Alternative, Traditional,Jazz,Hard Rock, Hip Hop,Rappers,Hardcore,Metal,Blues Rock,Country & Folk Rock and many many more we are still ONE and we are proud to be WHO WE ARE.

where artistic minds gather

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