Friday, February 11, 2011


its sad to see that certain organizations (no names will be mentioned here) taking full advantage of the word 'INDIE' for their own interest. We know who you are and please stop using these performers as a platform for your individual dont even know what you are doing and you just 'copy paste' others ideas...

these particular groups or individuals have been doing their modus operandi nearly few months. their tactics are going to few outlets befriending with the outlet managers or owners, held a few discussions and asked random questions on how to run gigs and took all the database i.e. bands/performers without the consent of the management, or met few organizers and tell them few 'sweet words' saying they are from certain goverment group who wants to organized gigs/charity and asked certain performers to perform for the charity cause. they 'copy paste' certain groups ideas and this is their core business and using the word 'INDIE' is their main 'catch' for their personal agendas.

its good if you are really fighting for the INDIE and UNDERGROUND cause but if the people behind this so called INDIE organization came from 'Makchik & Pakchik' and have no knowledge whatsoever about music and performing arts can they really really call themselves what they claim to be? we dont have any agendas with this group nor any personal grudge with them but what we are trying to write here is please be honest and sincere about your cause. is it because you need some goverment grants/goverment support for your other businesses or just merely making a profit from the event that you organized??? 

to all performers/musicians/INDIE's and UNDERGROUND group please educate youselves and be aware of this so called INDIE group.  please set your standards and just dont participate blindly just because you have the chance to perform. as we said earlier we know who this people are due to some feedbacks that we get from few musicians. as much as the music industry is growing its still a pretty small community. words do get around and to this particular 'INDIE' organization beware sooner or later everyone will see your true colors.

the ultimate underground movement

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